It’s back and better than ever! Get up to 80% off on selected items on current & past seasons as well as one-off samples.

Date: 5th August 2016 (Friday)
Time: 8am - 7:30pm
Venue: Mawi Studio, 2 Nimrod Passage, London, N1 4BU (Nearest station: Dalston Kingsland / Dalston Junction Overground)


Cash only, all sales final.

MAWI X KOOVS provides the fashion-savvy youth of India with exclusive access to collections from the best British high-street retailers, plus the coolest collaborations with high-end brands. Already on their list: Henry Holland and Patrick Cox, and now MAWI.

The fresh 40-piece collection offers MAWI’s distinctive sculptural and effeminate jewels, decked out with ferocious fangs, punctured with neon rocks, and adorned with glamourous gems. The collection was then expanded to include glittering tote bags featuring the much-loved fanned Perspex spikes and cute cotton tees.

The range has already been a roaring success, check out the pieces HERE.


MAWI X KOOVS is available online exclusively in India on


MAWI x Selfridges Board Games

In collaboration with Selfridges’ BOARD GAMES campaign, MAWI presents SKATE LUXE : transforming a beacon of sports culture into an ultra-futuristic objet d’art. Eternally inspired by youth subcultures and innovative design, MAWI is driven by desire to transform the everyday into the extraordinary.

In Skate Luxe, the brand’s instantly recognisable aesthetic is applied to a brand new platform, branding The Skateboard with signature MAWI brutalist hardware and coating in a glassy-slick gloss of hematite and petrol green. Classic bejewelled boxes become block armour details, whilst edgy spikes and glittering gemstones provide beautiful yet deadly details.

Each skateboard is teamed with a MAWI Skate Helmet, pushing the boundaries of sport, art and fashion to create one of a kind pieces. Whilst the boards have forsaken functionality over aesthetics, the helmets are imagined as a striking sartorial statement, elaborate stagewear or purely as an ornamental piece. MAWI’s uncompromising vision transforms The Skateboard into a coveted showpiece, capturing the imagination and honouring master craftsmanship: redefining luxury sportswear whilst celebrating traditional skate culture.

These unique pieces have been customised by hand, using signature components from the brand’s classic archive collections. SKATE LUXE creates an ornate ensemble from a simple skateboard and safety helmet: relishing the opportunity to challenge sports conventions and introduce everyday objects into the realm of high fashion and aspirational ideals.