13TH MARCH 2014
9:30pm (UTC + 05:30)

Lakme Summer Resort


Greetings from Mumbai! The MAWI team are currently stationed at India’s Lakme Fashion Week at the beautiful Grand Hyatt hotel, gearing up to present what Vogue India has announced as the ‘fashion week’s most anticipated show’. As the crowd builds with the country’s top fashion editors, stylists, tastemakers and socialites, the sultry Mumbai air is electric with excited chatter as everyone wonders what MAWI will present on the runway to mark the brand’s Indian homecoming.

Indian Odyssey

For those following the brand’s journey across the globe, the wait is almost over. MAWI'S INDIAN ODYSSEY will be unveiled in a short matter of hours, introducing fifteen looks of bejewelled decadence in an opulent journey through MAWI’s unforgettable archive and current pieces - including iconic jewels from NEO PANTHER, HYPERLUXE and PYRAMID collections.

A model tries on the jewellery

Sneak peek from the show's fitting

MAWI's spectacular Lakme debut is joined by one of India’s most acclaimed fashion designers: Gaurav Gupta, who is accompanying the jewels with a stunning womenswear collection. Gupta's unique voice and vision has won international recognition, and his sensuous and expertly sculpted designs perfectly compliment MAWI's universally revered aesthetic.

When interviewed on the show by Vogue.In, MAWI’s Creative Director Mawi Keivom stated: "Gaurav is a friend and a someone whose aesthetic we identify with and admire, which is why it was easy to envision a collaboration"...“We’re an accessories brand that’s really well-known in the west, but I felt now was the right time to enter India and create that awareness among the growing consumer base.”

As India's foremost fashion event of the year, Lakme Fashion Week is paving the way for Indian fashion and this year they are raising the benchmark by expanding their evergrowing repertoire of international designers. With a huge local and international audience, this is an outstanding opportunity to display MAWI's rich history across the world.

So tonight, as Mumbai’s finest guests take their seats, the lights dim and the curtain draws, MAWI’s most definitive milestone and Lakme Fashion Week’s most spectacular ramph show will finally be revealed. MAWI’s INDIAN ODYSSEY FEATURING GAURAV GUPTA will be full of surprises and something inspiring for everyone – from fashion newcomers to die-hard MAWI brand fans.

Here’s to a fabulous show – see you on the other side!


Mawi enjoys a quick break