MAWI X SELFRIDGES The everybody project

Mawi Yoga Mat and Water Bottle

To celebrate the launch of the Body Studio, MAWI has once again teamed up with the iconic retail powerhouse Selfridges.

Celebrating an inclusive approach to wellness, the aim was to create an accessible collection of designer sports essentials in limited edition.

Exclusively designed for Selfridges, MAWI's yoga mat and water bottle incorporate the brand's iconic tribal undertones for a truly unique aesthetic. Whether you are hitting it hard at the gym or having your daily yoga practice, these sports-luxe essentials guarantee style, luxury and functionality.

As part of Project Ocean, 100% of the the profits from the sale of these reusable vessels is going towards protecting our precious oceans from overfishing and plastic pollution.

The range has been a huge success and the water bottle sold out in a few days. Get your own Mawi yoga mat here and water bottle here. Check out the everybody project here.


To celebrate the V&A’s Fabric of India exhibition, cult concept store Bombay Electric has teamed up with retail powerhouse Selfridges creating a pop-up featuring vibrant ready-to-wear and unique collectibles.

As part of this project MAWI, alongside four other top British design houses including Mary Katrantzou and Roksanda, were each invited to create a limited-edition sari available exclusively from the Oxford Street department store. 

The MAWI sari itself was born from Mawi’s love and admiration for fun and playfulness. With nods to the Pop Art movement, the animated cartoon Superheroes that run through the delicate fabric are modernised by bright bursts of colour on stark black and dynamic shapes. Here, boundary-pushing design, wit and inventiveness – the vital elements of the MAWI aesthetic - provide an unexpected twist on traditionalism.

MAWI X KOOVS provides the fashion-savvy youth of India with exclusive access to collections from the best British high-street retailers, plus the coolest collaborations with high-end brands. Already on their list: Henry Holland and Patrick Cox, and now MAWI.

The fresh 40-piece collection offers MAWI’s distinctive sculptural and effeminate jewels, decked out with ferocious fangs, punctured with neon rocks, and adorned with glamourous gems. The collection was then expanded to include glittering tote bags featuring the much-loved fanned Perspex spikes and cute cotton tees.

The range has already been a roaring success, check out the pieces HERE.


MAWI X KOOVS is available online exclusively in India on


MAWI x Selfridges Board Games

In collaboration with Selfridges’ BOARD GAMES campaign, MAWI presents SKATE LUXE : transforming a beacon of sports culture into an ultra-futuristic objet d’art. Eternally inspired by youth subcultures and innovative design, MAWI is driven by desire to transform the everyday into the extraordinary.

In Skate Luxe, the brand’s instantly recognisable aesthetic is applied to a brand new platform, branding The Skateboard with signature MAWI brutalist hardware and coating in a glassy-slick gloss of hematite and petrol green. Classic bejewelled boxes become block armour details, whilst edgy spikes and glittering gemstones provide beautiful yet deadly details.

Each skateboard is teamed with a MAWI Skate Helmet, pushing the boundaries of sport, art and fashion to create one of a kind pieces. Whilst the boards have forsaken functionality over aesthetics, the helmets are imagined as a striking sartorial statement, elaborate stagewear or purely as an ornamental piece. MAWI’s uncompromising vision transforms The Skateboard into a coveted showpiece, capturing the imagination and honouring master craftsmanship: redefining luxury sportswear whilst celebrating traditional skate culture.

These unique pieces have been customised by hand, using signature components from the brand’s classic archive collections. SKATE LUXE creates an ornate ensemble from a simple skateboard and safety helmet: relishing the opportunity to challenge sports conventions and introduce everyday objects into the realm of high fashion and aspirational ideals.

Mawi for Linda Farrow

Linda Farrow

In 2013 Linda Farrow celebrated its 10 Year Anniversary with a string of collaborations which paid homage to the art of expert craftsmanship. Ten choice designers and fashion studios from around the globe were asked to undertake the creation of a limited edition collection which included MAWI’s opulent paneled bracelet and choker set.

The patent mocha water snake skin which embellished the elegant geometrical shapes is a testament to timeless luxury, something which binds the two London fashion brands. Having grown in tandem over the past 10 years, both brands have emerged as leaders in the creation of fashion forward accessories. True to this, the bold statement pieces were produced using the latest techniques in jewellery craftsmanship in order to secure the flow and seamlessness of the design aesthetic. 

Mawi for David Koma

David Koma

MAWI’s collaboration with David Koma saw her work closely with one of her favorite designers for the creation of a limited edition collection in Spring Summer 2011.

The geometrically bold and unique pieces inspired by cubist artist Fernand Leger combined the individual aesthetics of both MAWI and David Koma’s distinct designs, and proved so popular they were snapped up before they could make it off the London Fashion Week runway.

Structural pleats, feminine elegance and luxury material are all embodied in the iconic corrugated cuffs and oversized knuckledusters which make up this one of a kind collection. Composed of hand crafted bronze elements, the structural folds echo the feminine pleating of the couture and are a testament to MAWI’s avant-garde design. 

Mawi for Mark Fast

Mark Fast

The best way to embellish your new ‘Parisian Disco Chic’ inspired tubular knitwear from Mark Fast’s Spring Summer 2013 collection: a gloriously chunky MAWI harness and a pair of exquisite Louboutin boots. Mark Fast’s London Fashion Week runway show in 2012 was a show stopping triple whammy with clothes by Mark Fast, shoes by Christian Louboutin and jewellery by MAWI.

The collaboration was inspired by Mark’s passion for techniques used in early MAWI collections. These techniques are revived in the Disco-ready metallic thread harnesses, bangles, dipping necklaces and low slung of waist clinching belts which offered the perfect contrast to the sweet pastels of Mark’s designs.

The front row read like an exclusive party guest list with Pixie Lott, Nicola Roberts and Kelly Brook all showing their support for these opulent party looks. 

Mawi for Bruno Magli

Bruno Magli

This week the fashion elite toasted Mawi’s latest collaboration with Italian footwear designer Bruno Magli. Beginning with a lavish cocktail event overlooking Central Park at Bruno Magli’s new showroom, a jewel toned, gem encrusted 14 piece collection of clutches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and footwear was unveiled.

Mawi for Temperley London


For Autumn Winter 2012, the Temperley collection took to the catwalk with every model saturated in opulent MAWI jewels. Alice had wanted to work with MAWI for some time and the ‘Renaissance’ collection was the perfect place to begin this beautiful partnership between the two archetypal London-based brands.

The sumptuous and colourful dresses, an ode to Russian imperialist opulence, warranted an equally opulent set of jewels which were evocative of the Renaissance. Giant pearls paired with bright candy gems hung from elegant pearl chains, the collection itself conjured up the floral elegance of the 18th century, and the regal ensemble was made complete with Charlotte Olympia shoes. All in all, the catwalk became a lesson in the art of elegance, combining the best of modern design with the gems of bygone eras.

Mawi for Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss

For their Spring Summer 2012 collection, fashion powerhouse Hugo Boss teamed up with MAWI for the creation of a second exclusive capsule collection which made its debut on the Berlin runways. The minimalist rejection of embellishment and ornamentation is taken to a whole new level in the strikingly architectural cuffs, rings and necklaces.

The Hugo Boss clad models took to the runway with a cuff on each wrist, a ring on each hand or a single glistening necklace in a glorious celebration of symmetry. Definition and precision took centre stage for the duration of the show, something which is reflected in the close working relationship between the German and the English brand.

Mawi for Disney

Mawi for Disney

When MAWI was approached by Disney Couture in 2011 and was asked to re-invent the global icons of childhood that are Minnie and Mickey Mouse, no oracle could have predicted the stellar overnight success of the MINNIE MAWI collection.

The game changing designs have injected a fresh breath of sophistication and luxury into Disney’s proverbial characters and have forever changed how we look at Minnie and Mickey Mouse. In true Disney style, these beautiful, unique and collectable statement pieces have enchanted A-list celebs like Rihanna and Jessie J, and have become veritable modern classics, loved, worn and collected alike.

Mawi for Asos


Over the course of 2009 and 2010, the UK’s largest indie online fashion retailer ASOS joined forces with MAWI for the creation of three exclusive and exquisite capsule collections. With over 4.5 million young and unique visitors each month, ASOS has truly captured the imagination of the twenty-something fashionista by consistently seeking out fresh and innovative designs.

Luxe costume jeweller and A‐list favourite Mawi’s cutting edge aesthetic delivered exactly that. The collections are inspired by architectural and industrial structures. The statement pieces feature an array of oversized faux ruby, emerald and diamond gemstones set in gunmetal, gold and silver metal designs. They retain the identity and vision of the MAWI brand whilst providing directional and affordable costume jewellery without compromising on quality.